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Advocating for All Homeowners

Investing in the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is not just helping protect homeownership rights and the real estate industry but can be looked at as an insurance policy for your business. In March of 2020 our country was thrown into a tailspin when the COVID-19 health crisis hit. During those first few months, many industries were very unsure about when they would get to return to work.  REALTORS® in Washington State were back to work and deemed essential workers within three days. This was all made possible through the advocacy efforts of the brilliant team of REALTORS® and staff at Washington REALTORS®.  RPAC dollars are what make REALTOR® voices heard, using funds to support or fight bills detrimental to real estate, homeownership, and small businesses.  Investing in RPAC is investing in your business and your clients' future.

If you have more questions about RPAC or how to get involved with KCAR RPAC event, please reach out to any of the Board of Directors or to Hailey Rarden, the RPAC chair for KCAR and one of the Washington REALTOR RPAC Trustees.  

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